October 7, 2022

 WHO: Parents and Caregivers of youth struggling with Selective Mutism (SM)

COST: FREE and open to the Public

CONTACT:  Dr. Cameron Mosley will lead this groups. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Mosley at drmosley@anxietyatl.com

When: Friday October 7, 2022 from 5-630pm

Click here for ZOOM LINK

Join us for this free, monthly support group series about Parenting anxious youth. Each month will highlight a different topic or problem area, with the goal of everyone in the group providing community, support and healing, for parents and caregivers who support anxious youth.

This is not a treatment group, it’s a support group. We will not be assessing or diagnosing  you or family members. Group members will offer support, compassion, and encouragement to others in the group.

Groups will meet via secure Zoom. 

Click here for ZOOM LINK

Please note: this group is not intended for crisis management or safety concerns for you or a family member. If you or someone you know is in danger, please go to your local emergency room or psychiatric hospital.