Group Therapy Services

Adult Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support  and  Skills  Group (Currently Active)

Informed by Dr. Jonathan Grayson’s GOALs groups for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this 8-session group is facilitated by Dr. Josh Spitalnick and co-led by group attendees. Participants will revisit the basics of OCD along with technical strategies behind effective Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Each meeting will start with a discussion of common questions and challenges affecting OCD sufferers. Though there is no obligation to discuss any one individual’s personal experiences, attendees will be given ample opportunity to share their own successes and struggles with past and current treatment and symptom management. Group members will also set Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) goals at the end of each meeting. Members will be able to offer support and guidance to group members as well as receive encouragement and inspiration from each other. This group meets every other Wednesday. Group members must be above the age of 18. This group is open to the public. However, if an attendee is new to Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, an abbreviated 1-hour intake ($200) is required for group membership. To register, attendees will have to agree to be available for at least 6 of the 8 pre-scheduled dates to be eligible.  Cost: $50/session (paid in full on or before the first meeting). If you are interested in this group, contact us at

Upcoming Therapy Groups (dates TBD)

Though not currently being offered, the following group will be periodically offered. If you have interest in any of the following, contact us

Social Anxiety Skills Group for Teens

In this 10-session group, participants (ages 13-17) will learn about the cognitive, physical, and behavioral manifestation of social anxiety and how his negatively impacts social functioning. Group members will spend time each session practicing various social skills with each other and, in latter sessions, out of the office with real word scenario. Video recording to practice skills will be used. Group members will also self-assign each other social experiments and social exposures between session. If you have interest in this group, contact us at

Children's OCD Treatment Group

The group follows a cognitive-behavioral framework and incorporates Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) tools to teach children aged 8-15 how to help their families better understand their obsessions and compulsions, how to boss back their worry monsters,  and how to develop and implement effective exposures. Participants will also learn how to support one another as they challenge their symptoms at home, at school and in everyday life challenges. If you have interest in this group for your child, contact us at

Parenting the Anxious Child

In this 8-session group, parents will learn research-based strategies to support their child and not their child's symptoms. Parent will support each other in this group and learn from each other in the sharing of successful ways to reduce commonly used family accommodations of their anxious child. Educational materials will be provided, and experiential activities such as role plays will be part of the group process. Parents will gain a better understanding of how their child’s worries impact the whole family, they will learn effective anxiety management skills, and will find more encouragement to set limits with their child’s symptoms. Topics covered will include reducing symptom accommodation, extending treatment goals into the home environment, managing sibling conflict, addressing behavioral issues, and information on advocating for your child. If you have interest in this group for your child, contact us at