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Consultations for Private Practice and Business Owners

Over the last decade, Dr. Josh Spitalnick, Founder and CEO of Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta (ASoA), has built a Center of Excellence focused on educating and training the next generation of OCD and Anxiety specialists. ASoA’s brand of clinical care emphasizes the science of anxiety treatment, along with a compassionate, interactive, and highly engaging treatment approach to help children, adolescents, adults, and their loved ones learn to live with fear, not in fear.

With more than 20 OCD and Anxiety specialists, Dr. Spitalnick and the clinical leadership continue to recruit, train, supervise, and mentor trainees in graduate school, clinicians with provisional/associate licenses (MSWs, LMSWs, APCs), post-doctoral Fellows, newly licensed clinicians, along with mid-career and more seasoned licensed mental health professionals. Our growing team offers expert clinical care in more than 35 states, practicing in three different states, and relies exclusively on treatments that are science-backed.

Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta is dedicated to increasing the availability, accessibility, and affordability of evidence-based practices, mental health outreach, and advocacy. Our team of clinical specialists offers a variety of consultation services to mental health professionals, health care professionals and organizations, schools, religious organizations, individuals with OCD/anxiety, and the loved ones who support them.

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Consultation Services Provided to Private Practice and Business Owners

Business Consultations

Greetings, I’m Dr. Josh Spitalnick, CEO/Practice Owner of Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta. Over the last decade, I have taken a solo practice and built it into a nationally recognized OCD and anxiety center of excellence, with over 20 specialists serving in over 35 different states, living in three different states, and maintaining team cohesion.

I’m a self-published author, I’m active as a research scientist, I’m active as a technology and healthcare consultant, and I work actively with practice owners to systematize and scale their companies. I present locally and nationally to business leaders, clinicians, and healthcare professionals about how to build a sustaining and thriving businesses as well as how to develop and launch related business opportunities.


By leveraging my 15+ years of business expertise and entrepreneurial spirit in running my company and other companies, my knowledge of financial and planning and project execution, and by being scrappy and disciplined. I leverage my business visions, networks and resources to create and sustain business plans and models that allow for profitability and growth.

I incorporate lessons learned from my previous and current business roles and consulting practices, my current growth and expansion success with ASoA, and my appreciation for leading resources in our field, including Profit First™ and The E-Myth revisited.

I offer business consulting to owners of solo practices, to small (under 10) and medium sized (11-30) private practice owners, and to healthcare entrepreneurs.

Our meetings can address any or all of the following:

  • Develop your vision practice with unique attention to company culture
  • Establish financial and business policies that set you up for success and profitability while maximizing the financial benefits to your business and staff (this is critical for a sustained business)
  • Create clear clinical policies and processes to increase efficiency and reduce redundancy in business activities
  • Identify needs and demands related to personnel, bookkeeping, website and SEO, and expected future outcomes and create short and long-term action items in response
  • Set priorities for where to put your energy and passion into your business and more easily delegate tasks and responsibilities that do not support your sustainability and growth

Whether our first meeting is a briefer 30 minute consult to determine whether your needs and my expertise is a good fit, or you decide to book 60-minute paid consultations, I keep it very simple when I meet people for the first or 5th time to discuss the sustainability and growth of your business. I am assessing to see if you and I are a match interpersonally and professionally. I will constantly be gathering basic information to assess and re-assess what you are looking for. I try to answer as many important questions as quick possible because sometimes a single meeting is all you need to step away and figure other things out. From there, if we decide to meet more, I don’t charge monthly fees or expect upfront payments, or require any short or long-term commitments. We simply have meeting by meeting events so you don’t feel pressured to be stuck in a situation that isn’t serving your needs. Not much different than therapy.

Coaches and consultants who require recurring revenue from you, booked in advance, have already made it clear that they are prioritizing their business revenue over yours, which is the opposite for why you are coming to them (or me). That’s not the the kind of consultants I surround myself with and it’s not the kind of business practices I support, unless it’s an option in addition to single session bookings.

If we decide to schedule additional meetings, you can book as you go or book several in advance. I offer 30-minute and 60-minute business consultations, charged at $150 and $275, respectfully, per hour.


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