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New Client Information

New Client Services
Welcome to Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, LLC, a specialty outpatient mental health center providing evidence-based psychological services. We are grateful that you are putting your trust in our team to provide services for you or a family member.

For any new clients, we offer an initial no-cost, brief phone screen with our Practice Manager that can be conducted prior to scheduling the initial diagnostic evaluation session to determine the appropriateness of the referral question, likelihood of fit for our services, and to answer other questions. For many clients, this phone screen will not be necessary but remains an available service for anyone interested.

Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, LLC does not participate with any insurance companies. Therefore, we are considered out-of-network “OON” providers. Most companies provide “out-of-network” benefits for non-participating providers. This means you will pay the agreed-upon fee at the time of service with us and you will be provided with the documentation required by most insurance companies for reimbursement.

Most of our clients have insurance and many want to use it to cover some or most of the costs of treatment. Our clients often take advantage of filing with insurance as many managed care organizations (MCOs) allow for reimbursement of a percentage of fees for an “out-of-network” OON provider. Whether you choose to file for reimbursement with your insurance company is an individual decision.  We are happy to talk with you further about these issues upon request.

To start this process, call your insurer or go to their website to determine eligibility and benefits. Many insurance companies have a separate phone number for Mental Health or Behavioral Health, so you will need to direct inquiries to those departments. You will want to secure information for Outpatient Mental Health benefits and learn about your “In-Network” and your “Out-of-Network” benefits.

*Services reimbursed by insurance can vary. It is your responsibility to check with your individual policy as we are considered “Out of Network” providers.

Policies for new services:
For all new clients and returning clients who have not been seen by a therapist at Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, LLC for more than two (2) years at our practice, we conduct an initial diagnostic evaluation, charged at the rate of $350. This evaluation includes a clinical interview lasting approximately 75 minutes

If a client is home-bound or services require on-site observation (e.g., school, home, etc), the initial assessment will include additional fees for travel time (see below for fee structure).

Fees for Psychotherapy and Related Services
Session fees for all services at Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, LLC are charged by professional time and have been determined in a manner that considers factors such as regional psychotherapy rates, level of expertise, and the scope of focus of our specialty services.

Intake Appointment (60-75 minutes) provided by any pre-licensed or licensed provider is charged at $350

Our base rate service is a session that lasts between 38-52 minutes. Therapy sessions for individuals, families, and/or couples, provided by any pre-licensed or licensed provider that lasts 38-52 minutes, are coded as a 90834, 90846, or 90847 and have a range of costs between $125-$350.

Therapy sessions for individuals, families, and/or couples, provided by any pre-licensed or licensed provider that lasts 16-37 minutes, are coded as a 90832 and have a range of costs between $80-$218.75.

Therapy sessions for individuals, families, and/or couples, provided by any pre-licensed or licensed provider that lasts more than 53 minutes and up to 70 minutes, are coded as a 90837 and have a range of costs between $160-$437.50.  ** Sessions longer than 70 will be discussed in advance (i.e., before or during the session) so there are no unanticipated charges.

Fee Table:

CPT Rates

For all our providers, there is a $50/session additional charge for any appointments scheduled to start before 8:00 am or after 7:00 pm on weekdays or anytime on Saturdays or Sundays (group therapy not included).

Other Fees:
Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, LLC’s prorated time, in 15-minute increments based on the clinician’s base rate for the 90834 services, includes (but is not limited to) the following services:

  • Home/community-based therapy/school meetings or behavioral observations
  • Travel time to and from out-of-office meetings, sessions, consultations
  • Requested report writing, letters of opinion, or other documentation services not already included in assessment services
  • Phone Consultations with school or other professionals, longer than 10 minutes
  • Phone/video sessions/phone calls
  • Review of lengthy emails or correspondences provided by the client

**Involvement in legal proceedings is charged at the rate of $300/hr for all clinicians.

Any additional fees (e.g., possible admission fees to places for community-based exposure therapy for yourself/family and, if necessary for the therapist to accompany, the therapist’s fees) will be your responsibility. Additional charges will be discussed ahead of time in planning sessions with your therapist.

Methods of Payment for Services

  • We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, and Amex) as well as Debit cards and prepaid cards that are funded through Health Savings and Flex Spending accounts.
  • Our credit card processing is handled online through the secure Simple Practice Patient Portal by going to your “Billing” section and paying through our secure online system. This can be paid after each appointment manually by you or you have the option of securing your credit card information in your patient account, whereby you will set up an Autopay function. Autopay authorizes the system to pay to full balance at the end of the business day.
  • Any returned checks or late payments may be subject to a $35 fee. Noncompliance with payment terms may incur collections charges.
  • Any refunded credit card charges may be subject to a fee of 5% of the total transaction.

Cancellation Policy
To remain available for all our clients, we request that cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are not canceled in advance of 24 hours, and that are not due to a death in the family, illness, or emergency situations will incur the following charges:

  • 1st missed appointment will be charged at 50% of the rate of the missed appointment
  • 2nd missed appointment and thereafter will be charged at the full rate of the missed appointment
  • Cancellation charges will be applied and processed at your next appointment unless payment is made online in advance.
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