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OCD and Anxiety Web Resources

Helpful Quick Reads by Recognized OCD Specialists

The Cruelest Obsession: Obsessing about Obsessing (by Dr. Jonathan Grayson)

Interrupt OCD’s Mental Rituals with “May or May Not” (by Shala Nicely, LPC)

25 Tips for Succeeding In Your OCD Treatment (by Dr. Fred Penzel)


Videos, Podcasts, and Online Media

Parenting Survival for Anxiety & OCD YouTube Channel (Natasha Daniels, LCSW): Filled with educational and informational videos about anxiety, OCD, and how to treat it, with specific videos for parents and specific videos for kids. It’s an amazing free resource for parents and families struggling, whether they are in treatment currently or trying to access care.

OCD and Anxiety YouTube Channel (Nathan Peterson, LCSW): A wonderful free resource full of videos that are filled with educational and informational videos about anxiety, OCD, and how to treat it.

The Noise in your Head 6 Video Series (Dr. Reid Wilson): “The Noise in Your Head” video series captures the essence of Dr. Reid Wilson’s groundbreaking book, “Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry,” and delivers it in six concise, comedic installments.

Episode 1: Meet Your Competitor: Anxiety

Episode 2: Ditching Content, Welcoming Uncertainty

Episode 3: Willingly Seek Out Discomfort

Episode 4: Do the Opposite!

Episode 5: Get Scared, Score Points

Episode 6: Living with Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Services of NJ-Dr. Allen Weg Video Series: A series of weekly videos that focus on the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, created by Dr. Allen Weg, Psychologist and Founder/Director of Stress and Anxiety Services of NJ.

The OCD Stories: The OCD Stories podcast is a show that aims to offer hope and inspiration. Host Stuart Ralph interviews some of the best minds in OCD treatment and recovery to share their advice, to both entertain and educate listeners toward a healthier life. The show was created in 2015. Since that time it has been downloaded over 2 million times globally.

Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie: UNSTUCK is an award-winning short film that explains OCD through the eyes of young people. It avoids sensationalizing compulsions and obsessions, and instead reveals the complexity of a disorder that affects the brain and behavior. As the group of resilient kids and teens roadmap their process of recovery, the film will inspire you to believe it is possible to fight your worst fears and defeat OCD.

Pure OCD Advocate YouTube Channel (Chrissie Hodges). An OCD advocate’s YouTube Channel. Chrissie Hodges talks mainly about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, particularly the nicknamed community called ‘Pure OCD’ which consists of disturbing intrusive thoughts accompanied by mental rituals. She is a Certified Peer Support Specialist through the state of Colorado and works with individuals worldwide to help connect them to therapists who can properly treat OCD and also to provide peer support which helps normalize the symptoms of OCD and the emotional turmoil it causes. Her videos offer compassion, kindness, and a little humor to talk about many difficult and stigmatizing topics within OCD, making this resource very approachable and valuable to those with lived experiences who find themselves experiencing shame, guilt, or embarrassment for their intrusive thoughts.

8 OCD Self-Help Principles in 5 Minutes (From his acceptance speech at the 2019 OCD Conference, Dr. Reid Wilson Ph.D., outlines the top eight principles of self-help for obsessive-compulsive disorder)

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