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Group-based Consultations for Professionals

Welcome to our Small Group-Based Professional Consultations (3-4 Participants) 

Case Consultations and clinical training will specifically be using CBT, ERP/Exposure Therapy, ACT, Inference-Based CBT, CPT, CBIT, CBT-Insomnia, PCIT, SPACE, and related Evidence-based interventions for Pediatric or Adults Cases

Immediately tackle your most challenging cases with individualized, expert guidance. Consultations focus on treating clients from evidence-based approaches, from assessment and psychoeducation, to case formulation and treatment planning. Learn and practice a wide range of cognitive and behavioral strategies, including psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring, behavior modification/activation, sleep hygiene/stimulus control, communication skills, social skills, harm reduction, problem-solving, exposure therapy, ERP, and other CBT-based interventions.

Consultations are led by seasoned anxiety specialists, including psychologists Board Certified (ABPP) in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology, Diplomates in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, clinicians who serve in the BTTI faculty for the IOCDF, and regionally or nationally recognized OCD, Health Anxiety, Pediatric, Sleep, BFRB, and PTSD specialists.

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